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We support a dignified old age together with the Sue Ryder Home

20.9.2020 | News

We had the honour of participating in the Sue Ryder’s Home Charity Tournament in support of dignity for seniors.

We were represented by Matěj Čonka, Václav Štefan, Jakub Štefáček, Vladimír Toráč, Peter Burnus, Vojta Fiala, Roman Xia, Pavel Zelený and coach Roman Burnus in our purple outfits. Gentlemen, thank you!  

grant-thornton-sue-ryder-2020-3.jpg (184 KB)

grant-thornton-sue-ryder-2020-4.jpg (92 KB)

grant-thornton-sue-ryder-2020-2.jpg (119 KB)

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