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We Support Smiling Crocodile

| 14.12.2020 | News

The Smiling Crocodile School helps children with disabilities overcome adversity and acquire the necessary basic skills to increase their abilities and education.

We are pleased that Smiling Crocodile, our long-term audit client, has been selected for the 30th Jubilee Czech Television Advent Concerts charity program. We are keeping our fingers crossed for Smiling Crocodile and hope that the funds collected during the Advent Concert on 20 December at 5.30 pm on ČT1 will enable the charity to equip the new school and kindergarten. As we do each year, we will be giving them our Advent contribution and would love you to support this amazing charity alongside us at Advent time! 

If you want to help us support these children, you can do so either at the Advent concert on Sunday or through the website  https://www.smilingcrocodile.org/ - Darujme.cz. 

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